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Bailte Fearainn

The civil parish of Drum is located in the barony of Athlone South in the county of Roscommon. There are 42 townlands in the parish.

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As the townland of Clonown is not in the civil parish of Drum, we have a page about Clonown here.
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Official Name (English)Local VariationsName (Irish)Meaning of NameOS Coordinates
Official Name (English)Local VariationsName (Irish)Meaning of NameOS Coordinates
Ardagawna Also known as Rockfield Ard a' Ghamhna Hill of the calf M 99443 40312 
Ardkeenan  Ard Chianáin Keenan's hill M 96683 37190 
Ardnanure  Ard na nIubhar Hill of the yews M 96543 38979 
Belrea  Béal Réidh Mouth of the smooth ford M 97346 38433 
Callowbeg  Calabeag Small callow or holm N 02797 33803 
Carrickynaghtan  Carraig Uí Neachtain O'Naghtan's Rock N 04134 38518 
Carrickynaghtan and Garrynagawna Bog     
Cloonark Clonark Cluain Arc Lawn of the young pigs M 97813 35526 
Cloonboley Clonbulia Cluain Buaile Lawn of the booley or dairy place M 93722 36001 
Cloongowna  Cluain Gamhna Lawn of the calves M 95139 36487 
Cloonillan Clonellan Cluain Oileáin Cloon or lawn of the island M 95139 36487 
Cloonrollagh  Cluain Rollach Lawn of the oak M 96486 39623 
Cornafulla  Corr na Fola Round hill of the blood N 00226 35458 M 99 36 
Crancam  Crann Cam Crooked tree M 99652 39307 
Crannagh  An Chrannach Arborous, abounding in trees N 01273 39592 
Crannagh Beg Crannaghbeg An Chrannach Bheag  N 00229 39976 
Crannagh More Crannaghmore An Chrannach Mhór Great trees N 01174 38894 
Creagh  Críocha Bounds, limits, meres M 98016 40534 
Creggan  Creagan Rocky ground N 01114 35628 
Cregganabeaka  Creagán na Béice Rock of the crying or wailing N 03100 32813 
Cuilglass  Coill Glas Greenwood M 98606 40856 
Cuilleen  Coillín A little wood  
Curraghaleen  Currach a Lín Curragh of the flax, or flax-moor M 96677 40344 
Curraghnaboll  Currach na bPoll Moor of the holes N 02160 32449 
Curryroe  Currach Ruadh Red moor M 98207 38328 
Dooghan Doohan Dúchan Blackish land M 96440 34918 
Drum  An Droim Ridge M 97561 38810 
Drumlosh  Droim Glaise Ridge of the flame N 00370 33120 
Garrynagawna Gorry / Gorrynagowna Garthaidh na nGamhna Garden of the calves N 01294 37622 
Inchinalee  Inse na Laogh Island of the calves N 03799 32650 
Johnstown Demense Johnstown Baile Sheáin Johnstown  
Keeloges  Caológ Narrow ridge or strip of land N 00095 38208 
Keelty  Caoilte Woods N 00562 38109 
Kilmocolmock Kilmacormack Cill Mo-Cholmóg St Mocholmoge's church M 98922 38252 
Lisdillure  Lios Duilleabhair Fort of the foliage M 99311 37732 
Mihanboy Meehanbee An Meathán Buí Yellow meadow M 98789 39679 
Moynure  Magh an Iúbhair Field of the yew M 99998 37559 
Newtown  An Baile Nua Newtown M 96167 38376 
Taduff East  Teagh Dubh Black house M 98031 39264 
Taduff West  Teagh Dubh Black house M 97689 39657 
Taylorstown  Baile an Tailliúraigh Taylorstown N 01278 36532 
Thomastown Demense Thomastown Baile Thomáis Thomastown M 95065 35175 
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