Drum Community Centre

To book the centre please contact John Murhpy, Manager at 085-8712222.

The links below will open charts that show the time slots that are booked. You can change the dates you want to view by using the controls at the top of each calendar - click on the dates at the top (e.g. 3-9 March 2014) to display a drop down calendar. If the date/time you require is listed as being "busy" please contact us to check it or why not check below to see if another other room is available. Note this is only for guidance purposes, please contact us to confirm availability. A free time slot is not a guarantee that we can accept a booking.

Main Hall Bookings

Meeting Room Bookings

Meeting Room 1 (Kitchen) Bookings

Meeting Room 2 (Lounge) Bookings

Meeting Room 3 (Snooker room) Bookings