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Biongó an Droma

Biongó an Droma

Maidir le Biongó an Droma

Bíonn Biongó an Droma ar siúl gach Aoine in Ionad Pobail an Droma, Cnoc an tSamhraidh, Baile Átha Luain. Bíonn beagnach €1500 sa duais-chiste gach seachtain, agus is féidir leabhar a fháil ar chostas €3 ar leath-leabhar. Osclaíonn na doirse ag 8 i.n., agus tosaíonn an cluiche ag 8.30 i.n.. Bíonn sos againn ag leath-ama (thart ar 9.20 i.n.) agus tagann deireadh leis thart ar 10.20 i.n.. Bíonn an siopa oscailte roimh bhiongó agus ag leath-ama, le deochanna boga, seacláid, milseáin, criospaí agus marcóirí!

This is an important community service, and is run by a small voluntary committee who give of their time and energy to provide this vital social outlet. In addition to the regular cash prizes, at various times throughout the year the committee organise extra prizes - for example 24 Easter Eggs on Good Friday night, 24 Barm Bracks at Halloween, and almost €500 in additional cash prizes at Christmas. Raffles are also organised at both Easter and Christmas, with large hampers and other seasonal treats to be won.

Teastaíonn do thacaíocht uainn - mar imreoir biongó nó mar oibrí dheonach - chun todhchaí Bhiongó an Droma a dheimhniú. Breathnaígí ar an alt trasna.

Tagann busanna as áiteanna go leor.


  • Líne aonarach (gach cluiche): €20
  • Dhá línte (gach cluiche): €30
  • Teach lán (seachas cluichí 6,7,11,12): €40
  • Teach lán (cluichí 6,12): €70
  • Pota Óir (teach lán - cluiche 11): €200
  • Cluiche gill (bileog - leathanach 7): suas le €90 in aghaidh an líne [Beidh an duais le híoc bunaithe ar an uimhir sáinne (nó a chothromú suas go dtí an cúig is gaire). Is é €40 an íocaíocht is lú in aghaidh an líne]

Praghsanna Leabhair

  • Leabhar dúbailte (12 painéil): €10
  • Leabhar aonarach (6 painéil): €6
  • Leath-leabhar (3 painéil): €3

Bileoga breise

Cluiche gill (cluiche 7) (6 painéil): €2 (níl aon leath-bhileog) [This is an extra game which is not included in the bingo book. It is played as game 7, just after half-time, and the prize is up to €90 per line [prize paid out will be the check number (or rounded up to the nearest five). The minimum payout per line is €40]

Pota Óir (cluiche 11) (6 painéil): €1 (níl aon leath-bhileog) [The Jackpot is included in the bingo book and is run at game 11. The extra sheet offers an extra chance to win. The top prize is €200 for the full house]

Ní mór dúinn do thacaíocht!

As many of you will know, bingos everywhere have been struggling in recent times and unfortunately we at Drum are no different. We have tried to sustain the situation without changing the price of books or the amount of prizes paid out but this is proving increasingly difficult and in June 2007 we were forced to consider the options available to us that would help the situation. In an effort to ensure the immediate future, the Bingo committee decided that as of Friday, 6 July 2007 the payout of the Gamble game would be adjusted in an effort to balance the books.

In April 2011, we were again forced to examine the situation in an effort to make bingo sustainable. After looking at all our options, we decided to increase the price of books slightly, starting Friday 6 May 2011. This is the first change in book prices since the Euro came in back in 2002 – that’s over 9 years ago. A double book will now cost €10, a single book will cost €6, and a half book will be €3.

We feel this was a necessary step to sustain our weekly bingo here in Drum and we hope that we will not be forced to take further steps in this direction, however, if attendance does not increase substantially, and soon, we may find ourselves in such a situation. We appreciate your understanding, and we hope that in the future we would be in a position to increase prizes if possible.

We thank you for you continued support, and urge you to encourage your neighbours, friends and relations to please join us at Drum Bingo in order to keep it viable for the future. Whether you are interested in playing bingo or not, we need your support.

We require volunteers to assist with running it - everything from selling books to stacking chairs - even if you can only give half an hour each week, please do get involved. If you're interested, please come along some Friday night during bingo, or contact us.

Biongó an Droma ar RTÉ

I Samhain 2007 tháinig Pobal, clár cúrsaí pobal agus tuaithe RTÉ, go Droim ag féachaint ar áiseanna do daoine aosta sa cheantar.

Tá an clár ar fáil ar shuíomh RTÉ Pobal anseo

Biongó an Droma